Enjoy the moment and start new mindful family rituals today.

Join our simple yet powerful 4-day challenge to take your family out of the rut of routines to rewarding rituals and create a life and legacy you will all thrive in.

Enjoy simple activities on your own, and together as a family, for insightful self care practices that will help sustain more mindful rituals now.

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Make every moment count.

Stop the FOMO! Easy to follow, fun and energizing tools that modern families can use to connect with each other, create family goals, and live mindfully.

You’ll finish with a crystal clear plan on how to create a safe space around 4 mindful rituals for family exploration using wellness and woo for your kids and you.

Who doesn’t want more of that?

Use 4 of our mindful rituals, including the 4 Elements Values Activity, over the next 4 days to establish a foundation for a lasting family legacy.


Looking to empower young minds?

Any modern family that wants easy to follow, fun and thoughtful tools created to connect with each other and help their young family thrive being exactly who they are. Connect to each other, and more deeply with your self today!

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As easy as 1, 2, 3

1 Mindset Shift

The one mindset shift that will move you from feeling like you're missing out on special moments to feeling present and connected to your family every day.

2 Myths to Overcome

The two biggest myths that can undermine any parent's best laid path to explore mindfulness and spirituality with their kids from a young age.

3 Relationships to Foster

The three relationships every person needs to strengthen that will help kids, and parents alike, thrive by being exactly who they are. 

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Nice to meet you.

Cathy Axibal-Cordero has been offering seasonal wellness inspiration and products since 2018. Her goal has been to help make wellness and woo an easy and approachable part of daily self care.

Exploring it all with her kids, Olive and Zoey, she's been able to create activities and lessons that are expansive and connect with little ones. Their values are to live with G.L.E.E. (Global Citizenry, Lifelong Learning, Empowerment, and Energy), and each one is thoughtfully weaved into the resources for families so that we can all raise thriving, mindful global leaders.

Daily care for her includes reading next to an open window, warming up with hot breakfast tea, and pulling a tarot card of the day. Most of all, she enjoys reading with her two young girls, Olive and Zoey, and exploring SoCal farmer's markets with her hubby, Allan.

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Extra incentive.

I’m like my kids and could use some incentive every once and a while. To offer as much motivation to help you show up, if you act on our shared goal every day of this challenge on social, you’ll be eligible for some fun prizes at the end of our four days.

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