New Moon

Sync up with the new moon's energy.

There are times that make deep thinking so easy, and other times when it’s more ideal to take action now. I felt it myself when I started syncing up with the moon, and I think we could all benefit from doing a few more things in the flow of life.

Who could use more ease in their day?


It's helpful to understand the cycle of the moon and grasp how it waxes and wanes, but I like to zero in on the four key moon phases. Our free workbook focuses on the new moon.

  • Journal prompts to connect to the new moon.
  • What energy does the new moon optimize?
  • Overall guide to the eight moon phases.
  • Sample moon tracking pages.
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Hi there!

Cathy has been offering seasonal wellness inspiration and products since 2018. Her goal has been to help make wellness and woo an easy and approachable part of daily self care.

Daily care for her includes reading next to an open window, warming up with hot breakfast tea, and pulling a tarot card of the day. Most of all, she enjoys reading with her two young girls, and exploring SoCal farmer's markets with her hubby, Allan.

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